About Us

A new generation business school in sports.

World-class education delivered in a more accessible and more dynamic way.

Our Why

At FOCUS, we’re redefining the sports ecosystem by putting people and their challenges at the forefront of education. Our innovative program formats as a business school in sport are designed to empower both individuals and organizations, fostering continuous professional development within teams.

We believe education is more than just learning; it’s about taking action with that knowledge. Our cutting-edge platform transforms aspirations into achievements, accelerating career growth and unlocking your full potential.

With our tools, frameworks, and strategies, you can make an immediate impact – no gatekeeping, no exclusivity. Join us to turn your ambitions into success on your own terms.

Learning Experience

The programs are crafted to rapidly cultivate robust leadership and management capabilities within a short span through intensive courses, all while leveraging abundant networking and knowledge exchange opportunities.

FOCUS boasts an impressive lineup courses. These courses include all the critical areas take place in modern football clubs such as leadership, management, communication, personal development, innovation and change, negotiation, analytics, academy, scouting, and sporting management & strategy.

All of these are accessible in an online setting. Our state-of-the-art course platform and mobile app ensures a seamless learning experience, accentuated by its user-friendly features, facilitating both professional growth and networking.

You’ll also collaborate with a diverse set of peers to enrich your learning and your professional network. With participants coming from more than 60 different countries, and a variety of roles, you’ll encounter varied perspectives that can help you see your work in new ways.


Offering an expansive range of programs, learners can tailor their educational pursuits based on their passions and career aspirations. These courses, which run all year long, provide a golden chance for participants to acquire critical and strategical skills within an encouraging environment, steering them closer to their individual goals and aspirations.

Focus programs acknowledge a learner’s proficiency in distinct areas such as leadership, management, scouting, data & analytics, academy, and sporting management in football. These certificates not only amplify a learner’s portfolio but also manifest their commitment to fostering positive change in both their personal and professional life.

Join us and build knowledge and tools to help you—and your organization—succeed.

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