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Applying a Game Model to Recruitment Analysis

In recruitment, we may find a player may be terrific in one team, but he could join a team and no longer be successful. To ignore potential factors such as climate adjustment or even missing teammates, we can also consider the fact that the player just simply does not fit the new team system.

Creating Your Opportunity and Success: AZ Alkmaar

AZ is on a long-term mission of carrying the team to a championship winner level by 2025. Marjin Beuker who served as the Director of Development and Coordinator of Talent Management of the team for around fourteen years defines their approach to the game saying, “We don’t buy success, we create it. We believe in making the difference through vision, programs, facts, knowledge, and capable staff.” Making this difference is a long-term endeavor that AZ has undertaken for quite a long time now.

The Complex Reality Behind African Talent Academies

The globalized world shrinks distances and renders intercontinental travel and interactions easier than ever. Such ease comes with its great advantages alongside major responsibilities. It certainly has its implications on the world of sportive competition, especially football.

FC Girondins Bordeaux’s Tragicomedy of Errors

Bordeaux was not doing well. They could neither find nor stick by the right coach and were sunk in panic buying or inaccurate profiles at the transfer market. The world didn’t help them either. The coronavirus pandemic hit French football hard and the broadcast deal for Ligue 1 collapsed, leading to a major decline in club revenues. Bordeaux barely avoided relegation in 2020-21 and owners were no longer interested in the project.

Germany’s Mismanaged Giant – Hertha Berlin

Over the summer of 2021, we saw Hertha Berlin take more aggressive actions in their hunt to no longer be just the “big spending club” but rather a performing club. The incredibly efficient and successful Fredi Bobic was successfully lured from Eintracht Frankfurt