A meticulously designed in-depth learning structure for professionals, blends technical cores of modern football with advanced skills in leadership and management – shaping tomorrow’s directors.

Modern Football Education

FOCUS MBA program offers comprehensive education, blends technical cores of modern football club management with advanced skills in leadership and management – making you ready for the next steps.

01 | Leadership Essentials for Modern Management

This module is designed to cultivate advanced leadership skills and enhance communication abilities.


📚   7 Courses   |   💡  18 Workshops

✔️  Emotional Intelligence

✔️  Leadership Principles
✔️  Purposeful Leadership
✔️  Inclusive Leadership
✔️  Cultural Intelligence
✔️  Effective Communication

✔️  Presenting with Impact

✔️  Public Speaking
✔️  Conflict Management
✔️  Crisis Management
✔️  Power & Influence
✔️  Negotiation

✔️  Personal Branding & Networking

02 | Building a Strong Management Foundation

This module focuses on foundations of strategic management, creating organizational innovation and building high-performing teams.


📚   3 Courses   |   💡  16 Workshops

✔️  Strategic Leadership
✔️  Strategic Planning
✔️  Decision-making

✔️  Systematic Thinking

✔️  Building Organizational Culture

✔️  Effective Time Management

✔️  Innovation and Change Management

✔️  Innovation Frameworks and Strategies

✔️  Cultivating High-Performance

✔️ Psychologically Safe Environment

✔️ Structuring Teams for High-Impact

✔️ Developing and Sustaining a High-Performance Culture

03 | Football Business Dynamics and Strategic Insights

This module will focus on the intricate aspects of football business, including its economics, history, and future trends, while providing strategic insights into club management and ownership models.


📚   2 Courses   |   💡 8 Workshops

✔️  Essentials of Football Business
✔️  Football Economics
✔️  Football History and Politics
✔️  Future of Football Business

✔️  Club Acquisitions and Ownership Models

✔️  Club Management Models and Strategies

04 | Global Football Governance and Transfer Regulations

This module will focus on the legalities governing football, covering FIFA & UEFA guidelines, club licensing, arbitration mechanisms, transfer laws, and the principles of integrity and fair play in the sport.


📚   2 Courses   |   💡  8 Workshops

✔️  Football Regulations & Governance

✔️  FIFA & UEFA Guidelines

✔️  Club Licensing System

✔️  Football Arbitration Mechanisms

✔️  Integrity & Fair Play

✔️  Legal Essentials of International Player Transfers

✔️  Contract Law and Clauses

✔️  Regulations and Timings

✔️  Players’ Status and Transfer Regulations

✔️  Youth Players & Protection Regulations

✔️  Transfer Deadlines & Windows


05 | Academy Excellence and Talent Development in Football

This module focuses on the critical aspects of football academy management and operations, player well-being, coaching methodologies, and talent identification and development, emphasizing innovation and effective pathway design for emerging talents.


📚   4 Courses   |   💡  20 Workshops

✔️  Academy Management and Operations

✔️  Fostering Innovation Culture

✔️  Mastering Productivity

✔️  Coaching Development Frameworks

✔️  Talent ID & Recruitment

✔️  Talent Development Plans

✔️  Loan Management Model

✔️  Player Care

✔️  Creating Value for Talents

✔️  Relationship Management with Agents and Families


06 | Sporting Excellence: Strategy, Operations, and Stakeholder Relations

This module focuses on the strategic and operational aspects of football management, including the role of a Sporting Director, organizational and recruitment strategies, and effective management of key relationships within the football industry.


📚    3 Courses   |   💡  11 Workshops

✔️   The Role of A Sporting Director
✔️   Organizational Structure
✔️   Operational Plan
✔️   Creating a Resilient Sporting Strategy
✔️   Implementing A Resilient Sporting Strategy
✔️   Sustaining High-Performance

✔️   Squad Planning & Timeline

✔️   Recruitment Models and Strategy

✔️   Board/Ownership Relations and Management
✔️   Players&Staff Relations and Management
✔️   Agents, Media and Fans Relations and Management


07 | Football Analytics and Strategic Applications

This module focuses on the strategic and operational aspects of football management, including the role of a Sporting Director, organizational and recruitment strategies, and effective management of key relationships within the football industry.


📚    3 Courses   |   💡  11 Workshops

✔️   Foundational Principles of Data & Analytics in Football

✔️   Data Storytelling in Football
✔️   Technology in Football

✔️   Strategic Implementation of Football Analytics

✔️   Performance Analysis in Football
✔️   Technical Scouting


08 | Financial Management and Planning

This module focused on equipping participants with financial acumen specific to the football industry, it delves deeper into squad-specific financial management, including transfer budgets, wage structures, Financial Fair Play regulations, and long-term financial planning and forecasting for football teams.


📚    2 Courses   |   💡  8 Workshops

✔️   Introduction to Football Finance

✔️   Revenue Streams in Football

✔️   Cost Centers and Budget Allocation

✔️   Financial Reporting and Analysis

✔️   Transfer Budgets and Wage Structures

✔️   Cost Centers and Budget Allocation (Squad-Specific)

✔️   Financial Fair Play (FFP) Regulations

✔️   Squad Financial Planning and Forecasting


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James Clarkson, Former Director of Houston Dynamo


FOCUS Club offers a flexibility which allows me to work on my personal and professional development anywhere and anytime. 

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Jelle Van Camp, Elite Football Manager at MAHD Academy


The network, skills and workflow insight gained at FOCUS has allowed me to obtain a role as a Head of Recruitment for a Women’s team at Portsmouth FC.

Matt Johnson, Head of Recruitment at Portsmouth FC Womens


A good starting point for those curious about the role with clear pathways to progress for those who want to continue learning.

Dr Ceri Bowley, Global Head of Technical Leadership at Double Pass


Great educational program. From the organization to the lecturers, everything is of great value. The learning spectrum is wide. I would recommend this to anyone in the football business.

Gabriel Glavan, Sporting Director at Dinamo Bucharest


The course has helped to develop networking opportunities with like-minded individuals and provides content / tasks which have promoted further discussions to share ideas.

Jonathan Duckett, Head of Player Insights at Norwich City FC

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CFO, RedBird FC

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TD, Right to Dream


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Acad. Director, Phila Union

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Managing Partner, EPP

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Head of Analytics, Atletico

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Frequently Asked Questions​

What is FOCUS Sports Education?

FOCUS is an L&D platform in sports, sharing expertise with a mission of democratization of access to high-quality education. FOCUS programs connect you to the elite pros in sports both from on-the-pitch and off-the-pitch to advance your career.

What is FOCUS Sports Education’s goal?

FOCUS Sports Education has a mission of democratization of access to high-quality sports education. In this regard, FOCUS has centred its model strictly parallel to ‘Goal #4: Quality Education’ of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals where the goal is ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Is FOCUS Sports Education a non-profit organization?

FOCUS Sports Education is a private edtech company; FOCUS is revealed in an attempt to tackle overcharged prices of sports education programs with the aim of making high-quality sports education accessible to everyone. Like everyone, absolutely, we believe too that better leaders will help to grow more qualified generations. Although we are a company, we charge only very fair prices that are methodically calculated considering the different economical profiles around the world. Our prices are affordable for almost everyone, if not, we provide scholarships to 50 students every year.

What is included in FOCUS Sports Education programs?

FOCUS offers an unlimited access to a wide range of learning content based on annual membership. You will engage with your instructors with live sessions, participate in peer discussions, and enhance your knowledge with articles, podcasts, and many more supportive learning materials—all from your home or office. Every course may require different content. Please, have a look at the course’s page to see what we all offer.

How much do FOCUS Sports Education programs cost?

FOCUS membership is 950 CHF (Swiss francs). You can make your payment in 3 installments as 375 CHF/monthly. In the installment option, no discount or campaign does not apply.

What is included in FOCUS Sports Education programs?

FOCUS Sports Education programs offer a wide range of learning content. You will engage with your instructors with live sessions, participate in peer discussions, and enhance your knowledge with articles, podcasts, and many more supportive learning materials—all from your home or office. Every program may require different content. Please, have a look at the program’s page to see what we all offer.

Do you offer any scholarship?

FOCUS aims to revolutionize the sports education; thus, generating well-rounded sport professionals. We provide scholarship to who meets to our eligibility requirements. You can contact us via [email protected].

Is there any application process and do I need to pay an application fee?

Our courses are on English for now. You can easily have a look on trailers if your level is on an enough level to understand classes and supportive learning content. We definitely do not request any application fee.

Is everything completely online?

FOCUS Sports Education programs are 100% online.

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