Football Analytics: Foundations to Strategy

Learn the establishment of a data department within football orgs, and comphrend the strategic dimensions of data-driven decision-making in football, from player evaluations to on-field strategies and beyond.

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This course is suitable for all departments and aspiring leaders who are seeking to strenghten their knowledge in this area.


Learn to maximize management and operational efficiency.


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What will you learn

Dive deep into the fascinating realm where football meets cutting-edge technology and data analysis. This comprehensive course teaches the transformative impact of technology on the sport, setting the stage for a robust understanding of the foundational principles of the data and analytics department, and enabling you to gain a solid grounding in the essential principles of data and analytics.

Technology in Football

Explore the evolving landscape of technology within football. Understand how emerging technologies are used in areas such as performance analysis, injury prevention, and fan engagement.

Foundations of Data & Analytics in Football

This topic provides you with a foundational understanding of data and analytics in the context of football. It covers key concepts, terminologies, the role of data in decision-making and establishing of the department in football orgs.

Strategic Implementation of Football Analytics

This topic focuses on the strategic application of football analytics in areas such as player recruitment, tactical decision-making, and coaching strategies. You will learn how data-driven insights enhance overall team performance.

Data Storytelling in Football

Learn how to transform raw football data into compelling narratives. Explore techniques for creating engaging visualizations and presenting data-driven insights effectively.

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Rodrigo Picchioni headed a newly created analytics department at Atletico from 2021 on, they demonstrated their commitment to becoming a standard bearer in the region in the intelligent use of data to make better decisions. Prior to Atletico, Rodrigo worked as Director of Football Assistant at Red Bull Bragantino and in coaching roles in different countries.

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