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What will your teams learn

Our wide range of courses instills leadership and management skills across all roles and delves deeper with specialization courses in technical areas to empower your team with strategic expertise.

Foundations of Effective Leadership

Develop emotional intelligence to improve interpersonal ties and understand leadership, culture, and team dynamics.

Mastering Impactful Communication

Elevate your voice, refine your message, and leave an indelible mark on your audience.

Navigating Diversity with Leadership

Cultural intelligence with inclusive and purposeful leadership, equipping you to navigate and flourish in diverse settings.

Crisis and Conflict Resolution

Navigate and resolve crises confidently, merge conflict understanding with effective resolution techniques.

Building a Strong Management Foundation

Learn the key principles and practices that underpin effective organizational management and strategic leadership.

Innovation & Change Management in Football

Gain the knowledge and strategies to navigate innovation challenges, foster a culture of creativity, and effectively manage changes within sports organizations.

Cultivating High-Performance Teams

Master the art of building and nurturing teams that consistently deliver exceptional results.

Power, Influence and Negotiation

Navigate the complexities of power and influence, and gain negotiation skills for success.

Empowering Professional Presence

Mastering the art of personal branding and effective networking strategies.

Football Business: Past, Present & Future

Learn how to understand the evolution of the football business and anticipate its future trajectories.

Football Club Management Models and Ownership

Master the Game Behind the Game: leading football clubs to victory.

Academy Management and Operations

Learn how to run a successful football academy with optimal operational practices.

Coaching Development Frameworks

Learn how to establish and implement effective coaching development strategies.

Player Well-being and Essential Relationships

Gain knowledge and tools to ensure the well-being of talents while creating lifelong value for them.

Talent ID & Pathway Design

Learn how to identify promising talent and design pathways for their progression.

Football Analytics: Foundations to Strategy

Gain a full understanding of founding this department and progress to strategic data-driven decision-making.

Football Analytics: From Data to Decisions

Learn how to meticulously assess player and team performance, and excel in technical scouting.

Sporting Strategy Management & Operations

Comprehend the mechanics of sporting strategy and club operations.

Robust Recruitment Structures

Craft and execute impeccable recruitment plans that wins on and off the pitch.

Key Relationships Management

Delve into the dynamics of engaging with diverse stakeholders, and master the art of effective relationship management.

Finance for Non-Finance Individuals in Football

Gain financial fluency in football without a financial background.

Finance in Football Squad Management

Delve into the financial aspects of squad management, empowering to blend football vision with financial acumen.

Taught by professionals with proven expertise

Courses led by hands-on experts, ensuring your teams benefit from real-world experience.

daniel martin

Chief Financial Officer
RedBird FC

Jordan Gardner

Twenty First Group


Managing Partner

dave slemen

Founding Partner

Rodrigo picchioni

Head of Analytics
Atletico Mineiro

Gareth Jennings

Technical Director
UAE Pro League

gareth henderby

Technical Director
Right to Dream

tommy wilson

Academy Director
Philadelphia Union

Connect, collaborate, and grow

Immerse yourself in a global community of professionals hailing from diverse roles. Their extensive experience brings a wealth of perspectives, igniting vibrant discussions that infuse your learning experience with energy and inspiration.

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A truly global platform with members across 6 continents.

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Who is it for?

FOCUS Club is designed to benefit all members of a football organization’s technical departments, regardless of career level or background.

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A learning experience like no other

FOCUS Club is your gateway to the dynamic world of continuous professional development along with like-minded professionals and elite-level lecturers.

Weekly Live LECTURES

2-4 dynamic lectures that generates actionable frameworks.


Complete courses to earn Professional Certificates.

WEEKLY Cohort Meetings

Engage with weekly reflection sessions built on shared insights.

A Global Network

Connect to a network, fostering new insights and engagement.

Balanced Learning Rhythm

6-7 weeks of lectures, then 1-2 weeks off for optimal balance.

Rich Learning Resources

Pre-session case studies and articles for deeper understanding

Interactive and Energizing

Dynamic sessions filled with interactivity.


Everything is recorded; complete anytime for busy schedules.

Hear from our members

The testimonials highlight transformative experiences and underscore the various values of our courses, all with a strong commitment to growth and development.

Ceri Bowley

Global Head of Technical Leadership at Double Pass

“A good starting point for those curious about the role with clear pathways to progress for those who want to continue learning.”

Matt Johnson

Head of Recruitment at Portsmouth FC Women

“The network, skills and workflow insight gained on the Sporting Directors  Course has allowed me to obtain a role as a Head of Recruitment for a Women’s team at Portsmouth FC.”

Gabriel Glavan

Sporting Director at Dinamo Bucharest

“Great educational program. From the organisation to the speakers, everything is of great value. The learning spectrum is wide. I would recommend this to anyone in the football business.”

Robert Sabeh

Club Development Manager at UAE Pro League

“The courses bring together accomplished instructors that impart practical knowledge and real-life situations, and a cohort full of experienced practitioners. Well worth the fee.”

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