Leadership and Management Excellence in Sports

Unlock your leadership potential, empower your teams, and drive organizational success.

Leadership and management excellence in sports. Engage in a deep exploration of your leadership identity, amplify your influence, and tailor your approach to meet varied cultural and organizational needs.

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THE PROGRAM Competency Framework

Leadership and Management Excellence in Sports program equips sports professionals with a comprehensive set of competencies necessary for leadership and management excellence.

Our comprehensive competency framework is built around three key pillars: Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Excellence, and Organizational Performance.

By focusing on these three key pillars, sports professionals are prepared to lead effectively, manage teams, and drive organizational success in the dynamic sports industry.

Key Outcomes

By the end of this program, you will possess a robust skill set and strategies to enhance your leadership effectiveness, drive team performance, and navigate the complexities of the sports industry.

Elevate Your Leadership Game

Master diverse leadership styles, emotional intelligence, and authentic leadership to inspire and guide high-performing sports teams. Harness cultural intelligence and inclusive leadership to create a team environment that values diversity and drives success.

Communicate with Impact

Develop clear, concise communication techniques and perfect your presentation and public speaking skills to effectively influence stakeholders.

Navigate Crises and Conflicts Like a Pro

Manage crises and conflicts efficiently, maintain team stability, and ensure cohesion during challenging times to keep your team performing at its best.

Negotiate with Precision and Power

Develop a structured approach to negotiations, leverage digital tools and AI, and implement strategies to maximize outcomes for successful results.

Establish a Strong Professional Presence

Build a powerful, authentic professional identity through personal branding and effective networking, influencing others and forging meaningful relationships.

Strategize and Manage with Excellence

Master the fundamentals of management and strategic leadership by building a strong organizational culture, leveraging power and influence, managing time efficiently, making sound decisions, and executing effective strategies to drive your organization's success.

Drive Innovation and Manage Change

Foster a culture of innovation and manage change effectively, implementing frameworks and strategies to keep your organization competitive and adaptable.

Cultivate High-Performance Teams

Create a psychologically safe environment, structure teams for maximum impact, and recruit the right talent to achieve outstanding team performance.

Leadership and Management Excellence in Sports

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From self-discovery to team empowerment

This 10-week program offers a profound exploration of your leadership identity, aiming to enhance your influence and refine your management approach to meet diverse cultural and organizational needs.

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01 | Emotinal Intelligence and Leadership Essentials

Learn the core of effective leadership by mastering emotional intelligence. This module covers fundamental leadership theories and styles, emphasizes authentic leadership, and explores mentoring and coaching techniques. Enhance your self-awareness and self-regulation skills, while building empathy and strong interpersonal relationships, essential for leading and inspiring high-performing sports teams.

02 | Navigating Diversity with Leadership

In today’s globalized world, effective leadership requires a deep understanding of cultural intelligence and inclusion. This module intertwines cultural intelligence with inclusive leadership, equipping leaders to navigate and thrive in diverse settings. Participants will learn to bridge cultural divides, foster inclusivity, and overcome challenges to create a harmonious and productive team environment in sports organizations.

03 | Mastering Impactful Communication

Effective communication is vital for leadership success. This module enhances participants’ communication skills, presentation abilities, and public speaking confidence. Participants will learn foundational and advanced communication techniques, design persuasive presentations, and connect authentically with their audience to leave a lasting impact.

04 | Crisis and Conflict Resolution

Prepare to lead through challenges with resilience and purpose. This module focuses on conflict management, crisis navigation, and purposeful leadership. Participants will acquire tools for effective conflict resolution, develop crisis management strategies, and learn to lead with purpose during adversity, ensuring team cohesion and organizational stability.

05 | Mastering Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a vital skill for leaders. This module covers the strategies, techniques, and psychological elements that make negotiations successful. Participants will master negotiation fundamentals, develop advanced strategies for complex scenarios, and learn to achieve win-win outcomes in various leadership interactions.

06 | Empowering Professional Presence

Master the art of personal branding and networking to navigate the modern professional world. This module helps participants define and communicate their professional identity, build and expand their network, and leverage their personal brand to create opportunities. Participants will develop a strategic approach to networking and foster genuine professional relationships.

07 | Building a Strong Management Foundation

Build a robust management foundation with key principles and practices of effective organizational management and strategic leadership. This module covers building a positive organizational culture, power and influence, decision-making, systematic thinking and effective time management. Participants will learn to formulate and implement strategies, align decisions with objectives, and manage organizational change.

08 | Strategy: From Concept to Practice

The Strategic Management Essentials module is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of strategic management principles and practices. This module explores the foundational concepts of strategy and strategic leadership, guiding you through the processes of strategic analysis, formulation, implementation, and evaluation. By integrating theoretical knowledge with practical applications, participants will develop the skills necessary to craft and execute effective strategies that drive organizational success in the sports industry.

09 | Innovation and Change Management

Stay ahead in the dynamic world of sports by mastering innovation and change management. This module equips participants with strategies to navigate innovation challenges, foster a culture of creativity, and manage organizational changes effectively. Participants will learn to promote innovation, overcome resistance to change, and align strategies with organizational goals.

10 | Cultivating High-Performance Teams

Foster a thriving work environment that encourages high-performing teams. This module focuses on promoting psychological safety, structuring teams for maximum impact, and cultivating a high-performance culture. Participants will learn to create inclusive environments, design effective team structures, and sustain high performance within their teams.

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Designed for high-potential, highly-motivated professionals who wants to excel now – not tomorrow. Below are some of students who already registered in this program.

Director of Performance
Global Project Manager
Director of Strategy
Recruitment Manager Women's Team
Managing Director of Academy
Head of Emerging Talents
Senior First Team Physiotherapist
Academy Head of Athletic Performance

Learn from experts who have done it

Our world-class faculty of professionals infuse each session with next-level knowledge, insights, and research. Their commitment ensures a transformative learning experience for you.

Martin Preston

Founder, Kingfisher 7

W. Engelbrecht

Founder, We Guide Heroes

Jacob Naish

Head of Purpose, Right to Dream

dave slemen

Founding Partner, EPP

anna edwards

Managing Partner, EPP

Ben French

Consultant, EPP

Learning is better with cohorts

Accountability and commitment

Enhance your skillset and expertise by integrating into a community of intelligent, curious, and driven professionals who commit to continuous improvement.

Learn with like-minded peers

Collaborate and reflect with a cohort of like-minded peers focused on mutual growth, acquiring and analyzing practical techniques in an interactive environment.

Active learning, not passive watching

Participate actively in the learning process through live workshops and hands-on tasks that challenge you to apply, evaluate, and create content designed to engage an online audience.

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Matthew Potter - Testimonial Leadership and Management Excellence in Sports - FOCUS Sports Education
Tebo B TEBO - Testimonial Leadership and Management Excellence in Sports - FOCUS Sports Education
Tuomas Peltonen - Testimonial Leadership and Management Excellence in Sports - FOCUS Sports Education
Joshua Hotca - Testimonial Leadership and Management Excellence in Sports - FOCUS Sports Education

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✓ Installment plan available.

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