Mastering Impactful Communication​

Elevate your voice, refine your message, and leave an indelible mark on your audience.

This course is part of FOCUS MBA

What you'll learn

In this immersive course, you will learn the essence of clear communication with the skills to present and speak with confidence and impact.

Mastering Impactful Communication​


This course is part of FOCUS MBA

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In this unique learning journey, you will go through live lectures, weekly cohort meetings, and pre-session resources that will enrich your learning.

Module 1: Understanding the Importance of Communication

Develop the skills necessary for effective communication both within your organization and externally.


  • Recognize the importance of effective communication in various contexts.
  • Learn techniques for fostering a positive internal communication culture.


  • A better understanding of communication techniques and tools, how to make an impact in your organization.
  • Understanding the importance of communication

Module 2: Techniques for Clear and Concise Communication

Explore the nuances of clear and impactful messaging, fostering a positive communication culture, and engaging with clients and stakeholders.


  • Acquire skills for clear and concise messaging.
  • Develop strategies for engaging with clients and stakeholders professionally.


  • You will demonstrate improved communication skills.
  • Participants will foster a positive communication culture within their organizations.

Module 3: Presenting with Impact

Master the art of delivering impactful presentations, from structuring your content to engaging your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop strategies for structuring compelling presentations.
  • Learn techniques for engaging and captivating your audience.
  • Acquire skills to convey confidence and credibility as a presenter.


  • Participants will create structured and engaging presentations.
  • Participants will captivate their audience effectively.
  • Participants will present with increased confidence and credibility.

Module 4: Public Speaking

Hone your public speaking skills, from overcoming stage fright to delivering persuasive speeches that resonate with your audience.


  • Overcome stage fright and anxiety associated with public speaking.
  • Develop persuasive speaking techniques to influence and inspire your audience.
  • Acquire skills to adapt your message to various audiences and contexts.


  • Participants will confidently address public speaking challenges.
  • Participants will deliver persuasive speeches that resonate with their audience.
  • Participants will adapt their speaking style to different situations and audiences.

Anna & Dave support, build and grow high performing teams in elite sports for organizations like FIFA, Right to Dream, Manchester City, English FA and many more top level organizations.

In this course, they will teach you the critical areas in communication to help you manage better when you’re in situations like in a room full of peers, a critical business presentation, or a one-on-one interaction.

This course is for..

This course is suitable for every professional who works in sports both on and off the pitch, and aspiring leaders who are seeking to build strong leadership & management skills, and drive a positive culture.

How it works

2-week, fast-paced course with weekly live lectures taught by top professionals, providing you with the tools, frameworks, and strategies for immediate impact.

Dynamic live sessions

Develop the essential skills and knowledge with fully engaging sessions.

Learn along with professionals

Engage and interact with like-minded professionals.

Put your learnings into practice

Complete the light assignments to earn your completion of certificate.

Meet your lecturers


Leading EPP's top-tier searches, Anna Edwards has placed senior leaders at global giants like Amazon, LEGO, and IKEA. As a Technical Expert for FIFA and a tutor for the English FA, her expertise extends to coaching, mentoring, and advising on organizational design in sports. She holds an MA from the University of Oxford and a Master in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes Business School.

Dave Slemen

Dave Slemen founded EPP in 2013 after a successful rugby career, and both run EPP’s senior-level searches within elite sports and head up the advisory practice. Dave regularly speaks at industry events and has been a guest tutor for The FA, Loughborough University, and Salford University’s MSc in Sporting Directorship. Dave completed his Executive MBA from the University of Bath Business School in 2021. He earned his BSc in Sports Science and Physiology from Leeds University.

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Ceri Bowley

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Matt Johnson

Head of Recruitment at Portsmouth FC Women

“The network, skills and workflow insight gained on the Sporting Directors  Course has allowed me to obtain a role as a Head of Recruitment for a Women’s team at Portsmouth FC.”

Gabriel Glavan

Sporting Director at Dinamo Bucharest

“Great educational program. From the organisation to the speakers, everything is of great value. The learning spectrum is wide. I would recommend this to anyone in the football business.”

Robert Sabeh

Club Development Manager at UAE Pro League

“The courses bring together accomplished instructors that impart practical knowledge and real-life situations, and a cohort full of experienced practitioners. Well worth the fee.”

This course is part of FOCUS MBA


A meticulously designed in-depth learning structure for professionals, blends technical cores of modern football with advanced skills in leadership and management–shaping tomorrow’s directors.

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