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MBA in Football Management

An in-depth learning, blends technical cores of modern football club management with advanced skills in leadership and management.

MiniMBA Sporting Directorship

This is a fast-paced and cohort-based program that focuses on developing the fundamental skills for running a modern football club.

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Designed for immediate work impact

Gain specialized expertise, designed for real-world application and career advancement in the sports industry, taught by experts who’ve done it.

Leadership and Management Excellence in Sports

Unlock your leadership potential, foster high performance, and cultivate a versatile management style for greater success.

Key Details

Focus MBA Football Management

Acquire the skills and mindset to become a purposeful, modern, and transformative Sporting Director – taught by elite experts who’ve done it.

You will earn +2 Professional Certificates in Sporting Directorship and Leadership & Management Excellence in Sports.

Key Details

Mini MBA Sporting Directorship

Excel in the core areas of squad management and gain a fresh vision in technical dimensions of the running of a football club.

Key Details


Focus MBA Football Business

Learn game-changing business strategies and gain skills to transform a football club into a modern and progressive entity. 

Key Details

Sporting Directorship

A holistic and strategic approach to sporting leadership. This program will empower you with the expertise needed to become an influential leader in football club management.


single payment
x 5 monthly payments

Academy Directorship

Gain the skills to lead and manage football academies and drive impact for talents, blended with advanced skills in leadership and management.

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single payment
x 4 monthly payments

Scouting Leadership

Gain the expertise in player recruitment, talent identification, designing pathways for player development, and utilizing data on a new level while enhance your leadership and management skills.

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Data/Analytics Leadership

Master the use of data-driven insights to inform strategic decisions, enhance player performance, and optimize football operations while developing strong leadership and management skills.

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The Leadership Edge

Empower your mindset, behaviors, and skills.

The Leadership Edge series is designed for leaders in sports, offering comprehensive support and valuable insights through monthly, free live sessions.

Learning powered by proven expertise

Our world-class faculty of professionals infuse each session with next-level knowledge and insights. Their commitment ensures a transformative learning experience for you.

Les Reed

CEO, Reed Consulting

Will Misselbrook

Chief Creative Officer, LA Galaxy

gareth jennings

TD, UAE Pro League

daniel martin

CFO, RedBird FC

Laurent Colette

COO, Right to Dream

gareth henderby

TD, Right to Dream


Partner, ESL Law


TD, Charlotte FC

anna edwards

Managing Partner, EPP

rodrigo picchioni

Head of Analytics, Atletico

400+ Happy Alumni

The testimonials highlight transformative experiences and underscore the various values of our courses, all with a strong commitment to growth and development.

FOCUS is an outstanding learning environment with experts, content and collaboration.

The flexibility is perfect for working professionals.

James Clarkson, Former Director of Houston Dynamo


FOCUS offers a flexibility which allows me to work on my development anywhere and anytime. 

The high level interactive sessions make it easy to connect with your peers and lecturers.

Jelle Van Camp, Elite Football Manager at MAHD Academy


The network, skills and workflow insight gained at FOCUS has allowed me to obtain a role as a Head of Recruitment for a Women’s team at Portsmouth FC.

Matt Johnson, Head of Recruitment at Portsmouth FC Womens


A good starting point for those curious about the role with clear pathways to progress for those who want to continue learning.

Dr Ceri Bowley, Global Head of Technical Leadership at Double Pass


Great educational program. From the organization to the lecturers, everything is of great value. The learning spectrum is wide. I would recommend this to anyone in the football business.

Gabriel Glavan, Sporting Director at Dinamo Bucharest


The course has helped to develop networking opportunities with like-minded individuals and provides content / tasks which have promoted further discussions to share ideas.

Jonathan Duckett, Head of Player Insights at Norwich City FC


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Frequently Asked Questions​

I work full-time, is these programs for me?

Yes, most of our students work full-time. That’s why we’ve designed our programs to be completely online and combination of live and self-paced learning – so they can work around the schedule of working professionals, not the other way around.

Is FOCUS Sports Education a non-profit organization?

FOCUS Sports Education is a private edtech company; FOCUS is revealed in an attempt to tackle overcharged prices of sports education programs with the aim of making high-quality sports education accessible to everyone. Like everyone, absolutely, we believe too that better leaders will help to grow more qualified generations. Although we are a company, we charge only very fair prices that are methodically calculated considering the different economical profiles around the world. Our prices are affordable for almost everyone, if not, we provide scholarships to 50 students every year.

How long does the FOCUS MBA Program take to complete?

The FOCUS MBA is a combination of live and self-paced learning, so completion times vary. Most students take between 8 months to finish the program.

An MBA for 1750 CHF? Why?

We operate independently from conventional academic institutions and accreditation authorities, resulting in a unique business model that diverges from that of accredited MBA programs. Our goal is to democratize access to high-quality business education by providing MBA-level courses at just 1% of the cost of traditional MBA programs.

What is included in FOCUS MBA?

FOCUS MBA programs offer a wide range of learning content. You will engage with your instructors with live sessions, participate in peer discussions, and enhance your knowledge with articles, case studies and many more supportive learning materials—all from your home or office. 

Does FOCUS offer networking opportunities?
Yes, FOCUS provides networking opportunities. As a participant in the FOCUS MBA Program, you become part of an active and diverse community of motivated and innovative professionals. This community is facilitated through various platforms, including an exclusive in-house platform, a dedicated LinkedIn group, and a mix of virtual and physical events, fostering connections and collaboration among its members.
Do you offer any scholarship?
FOCUS aims to revolutionize the sports education; thus, generating well-rounded sport professionals. We provide scholarship to who meets to our eligibility requirements. You can contact us via
Is everything completely online?
Yes, FOCUS offers team plans. If you have a team and are interested in exploring these options, you can get in touch with them directly by emailing at
More Questions?
If you have more questions, please contact us at We’re happy to hear from you!