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Led by Martin Preston

Martin Preston is a seasoned expert in people and organizational performance, with over 30 years of experience. He has led large teams and projects, working with top organizations like FIFA, UEFA, and The Premier League. Known for his strategic insights and empathetic approach, Martin helps leaders and teams adapt and thrive in dynamic environments.

The Leadership Edge Series Schedule

Get valuable insights on essential leadership subjects like end-of-season reviews, team cohesion strategies, and adaptive leadership.

Each session provides practical advice, cutting-edge knowledge, and a platform for meaningful conversations. Join us to access expert insights and a supportive network dedicated to enhancing leadership skills in sports.

Key Leadership Practices for the Season Ahead

Gain key insights that will help you and your team elevate your performance through skillful goal setting, team motivation and cultural resilience. 

martin preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Piers Martin

Head of Leadership, Premier League

High-Performance Habits: Cultivating Daily Routines that Lead to Success

Learn how to develop and maintain high-performance habits and daily routines that set the foundation for a successful season.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Team Cohesion Strategies: Building Unity and Synergy Among Team Members

Explore proven strategies to build unity and synergy within your team, fostering a cohesive and collaborative environment.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Strategies for Leading Teams Through Challenges and Setbacks

Discover effective methods for managing challenges and setbacks, and learn how to lead your team through tough times with resilience.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Adaptive Leadership: Changing Styles to Match Team Needs

Understand the importance of adaptive leadership and learn how to adjust your leadership style to meet the evolving needs of your team.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Creating an Environment Where Everyone Can Thrive

Learn how to create a psychologically safe environment within your team, where members feel valued, supported, and able to thrive.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

How Neuroscience Can Improve Your Leadership Skills

Explore the latest neuroscience research and discover how understanding brain science can enhance your leadership capabilities.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Legacy Building: Crafting a Long-Term Impact in Sports Leadership

Gain insights on how to build a lasting legacy in sports leadership, drawing lessons from successful leaders and their experiences.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Agility: Enhancing Decision-Making in Fast-Paced Environments

Learn techniques to improve your decision-making skills in fast-paced and dynamic environments, ensuring agility and effectiveness.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Leading Diverse Teams in a Globalized Sports Environment

Develop your cultural competence and learn how to effectively lead diverse teams in a globalized sports environment.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Stress Mastery: Techniques for Managing Pressure

Discover effective stress management techniques to help you handle pressure and maintain mental resilience throughout the season.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

Evaluating Performance and Planning Ahead

Learn how to conduct thorough post-season evaluations, set future goals, and develop strategies for continuous improvement and long-term success.

Martin Preston

Host, The Leadership Edge

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